Insured to send a package within the Country

With Load boardpackage shipping companies, valuable goods that you send are extra insured against loss or damage to the contents. This way you can send your valuable goods within the country with peace of mind.

For the service you enter the value that you want insured, with a maximum of $5,500. You do this at your Post Office. With 2900 branches there is always one in your area.

What does it cost?

The costs for sending a package within the country depend on the size and weight of your package.Does your package weigh up to 10 kilos, but is it larger than the maximum dimensions? Then you pay the rate of a package that weighs 10 to 30 kg. With the right Load board service you will be having the best option now.

How can you prepare your parcel for shipping?

In order to package and address your package in the right way, experts have put a number of tips for you in a row. In that case you will ensure at least:

  • complete and correct addressing (including a return address in the country)
  • good packaging of the contents of your shipment
  • to properly close your package, use a Sealbag if possible

Delivery package

Have you issued your package with Insured Service at the Post Office? They strive to deliver it the next day also on Saturday. Packages that you issue on Saturday will be delivered on Tuesday.

Is the recipient of the package not at home the first time? Then they will try again later. The addressee must always sign for receipt. Your package will not be delivered to the neighbors. Is the recipient not at home during the second attempt? Then he can pick it up at the Post Office within two weeks.

If something goes wrong

Is the contents of your package damaged or is the package missing? You can contact their customer service for this. Then they set up an investigation. Does this study show that you are entitled to compensation? The amount of this depends on the value of the contents of your package.

Note: To be eligible for compensation you must report the damage within 7 days after delivery (except Sundays and public holidays). They need your shipping receipt and photos of the damaged package. It is therefore important that you keep it.

Hence it is always better to maintain good packaging and ship with registered shipping companies.

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