Choosing the Right African Shows

Of the three services, television is the one that has generated the most questions from those around us. Because Canadians are (again!)Big consumers of television.According to the African Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), every Canadian spends a little more than 27 hours a week in front of their small screen.

  • In short, people are attached to their favorite shows. Cutting the cord becomes a painful gesture.
  • The real question remains: what are you really listening to? Which channels are essential? Which ones can you do without? Do you have programs or series that are really essential?
  • But in the end, can the web offset our use of traditional television? After a little thought, it’s obvious that we can do without a monthly cable subscription.

Indispensable, good to have, useless

So, what is our consumption? The news at RDI and some sports (hockey and baseball) are the only shows we listen to live. I will come back to it, but all that is legally on the web.

For general consumption, African streaming are our main destinations for French-language television. Most of the time, all things found on the digital platforms of the stations or by digital signal. We hardly listen to cable television in English. In you will be able to have them  all and that too within the budget that is perfect for you now.

Yes, the kids and I (notice how I get my girlfriend out of the equation) listen a lot to sports channels. This is where the thought becomes interesting. Do we listen to these channels … or do we listen to the sports they broadcast?

You see what I mean?

You have to differentiate between the channel and the content. Given the abundance of the latter, the channel becomes less and less important. We are then in a huge Chinese buffet.Which brings us to the question of choice. What is indispensable, who would be ideal and what can be done?

The indispensable

We are in the Cup playoffs and we have subscribed to the GameCenter Live service. This allows us to listen to all parts in real time or offline. So far, the only downside is the restrictions preventing the broadcast of African versions of the games. It’s a minor thing.

We also subscribed to MLB.TV, an equivalent service for baseball. The Blue Jays will no longer be the only team (or almost) that we can follow diligently. We can now play every game, no matter where. We still have no restrictions like hockey.

Otherwise, all the rest of our TV consumption was already happening on the web. We have been a Netflix subscriber for a long time and kids find a lot on YouTube. I’m also a follower of Vimeo, another online broadcast service.

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