Getting Corporate Video Production Right: The Process

Effective video marketing is all about focused products that show off your business with as much impact as possible. Great corporate videos do not just pop out of thin air though, and spontaneously recording something often just looks sloppy. Getting it done right is all about following an efficient process and plan, and that is why you need the help of an experienced corporate video production agency.

1. Planning

Any good corporate film maker knows that extensive planning needs to go into your video before you even start thinking about filming. There are many video production agencies who will be happy to just take your money and speed ahead, but you will quickly find how true it is that failing to plan is as good as planning to fail.

Start things right and plan out your content and concepts thoroughly. This will give your content a much better flow, which will make it easier for viewers to follow. By using a professional corporate video company you will likely have access to a well-researched and written script from a professional copywriter to round things off nicely in preparation for getting your message across as effectively as possible.

2. Voiceover recording

This is more important than most people realise. Truly professional corporate film makers insist on recording voice narration for sections of the video that are scripted to ensure clarity.Even if you are recorded speaking in front of the camera in the video the quality might be compromised in some way. But by having the narration recorded beforehand the broadcast quality of the voices can be guaranteed.

3. Recording and various editing steps

Recording takes time, but it is by no means the final step. Together with the recorded footage video production agencies create and incorporate various 3D and 2D graphics such as logos and text animations to bring forward the core aspects of your video. Another key ingredient in the process that experienced corporate film makers give you is the implementation of a visual tone according to your business’s corporate identity. Everything from overall tone and style of the people and locations to the colours used in the video are all focused towards your specific corporate identity, helping you give your viewers the clearest view of who you are.

Bringing all of this together is the editing process. All recorded footage is expertly added, cut, and audio inserted and tuned to give you a prototype video that is excellent enough to be the final product. From there you are able to give any notes you might have on problems you notice, changes that need to be made, and any issues present. Once all of these changes have been implemented the video goes through a final sound production step, where a professional sound engineer does the audio mastering to ensure that your sound is crisp, clear and balanced to perfection. After all, you’d hate to have your background music overpowering the narration, or noise ruining things.

4. Production and delivery

The final step is for the video production agency to put the end-product together for you. This includes delivery of the video in whatever format you require, optimised for the necessary platforms such as YouTube or Facebook, or even for your website (yes, they are different). You should also get backups, and if not you must insist. It would be unfortunate to have gone through this process only to lose everything.

The best way to guarantee that you get the very best out of this process is to make use of an experienced, truly professional video production agency like Megaphone Media. Their client testimonials will tell you how reliable and valuable they are.

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